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  • 7 foot Potted Ficus Moclame Standard

    7 foot Potted Ficus Moclame Standard

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    Similar to most Ficus trees, the Ficus Moclame prefers a spot where it will receive high levels of bright, indirect light and benefits from a few hours of direct sunlight. This plant will need to be acclimated to long periods of direct sun and it will not tolerate low light conditions. Ideally, place your Moclame directly in an eastern facing window, or a few feet removed from a southern or western facing window.

    Botanical name: Ficus microcarpa

    Light: very bright with some direct sunlight an East or West facing window are ideal.
    Water: every 7 to 12 days allowing the top 1-2 inches soil to dry in between waterings 
    Toxicity: Toxic to pets if ingested 
    Size: comes in a sturdy black 14" planter with drainage hole

    Tree stands at 6 ft tall approximately