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  • Tips for Houseplants

    • Best Practices for Winter Care of Houseplants

      Winter in Canada can be a challenging time for houseplants (and us too!)

      To ensure your indoor greenery thrives during this season, here are some best practices to care for your beloved houseplants:

      1. Adjust Watering Routine 
      2. Optimize Humidity Levels
      3. Mind the Temperature
      4. Provide Adequate Light
      5. Prune and Tidy Up
      6. Limit Fertilizing
      7. Watch for Pests
      8. Consider Plant Needs
      9. Protect During Transport
      10. Monitor and Adapt
         Lastly, closely monitor your plants' health and adapt your care routine as needed. Every plant is unique, so observing their responses to your care helps in making necessary adjustments.
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